1922 model T - painting door panel, HELP!

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1922 model T - painting door panel, HELP!

Post by charisma-art » Thu Dec 05, 2019 2:47 pm


While checking the web for some information, I came across your website. It seems like a great source of all kinds of valuable info - but I could not locate the exact thing I was looking for.

I have a customer that just bought a 1922 Model T truck for display at their orchard/vinyard and they want me to handpaint their orchard logo onto the door or side of the truck.
Being a graphic designer/artist, but not a car restorator, I of course do NOT want to do anything stupid to ruin that beautiful car.
I was wondering if you could give me some tips on a) surface prep: do I need to sand/strip/degloss/or whatever the area to be painted, b) what paints would be best to use that would hold up for longer than a few months (oils? Acrylics? Laquer of some sort?) and c) what kind of top coat would I need to put over the painting, to preserve it, without ruining the value of the truck?

If there is any kind of insight you could give me, I would be a very happy camper...
The customer just called me and told me they need me to get started next week, so it is rather urgent.

Thank you for any help you can give me!

Conni Tögel

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Re: 1922 model T - painting door panel, HELP!

Post by Mr.Pete » Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:48 pm

The first thing you need to find out, is the type of paint that is on the vehicle. the early paints that were applied to the T- Model Fords were an oil based enamel, which do not work well with today's Acrylic Paints. It would be terrible to paint a line and watch your Customer's paint craze!  :o If the customer does not know what kind of paint is on the vehicle, I would suggest trying a dab of paint in an obscure location ( Underside of a fender, running board, etc..), and see how the Vehicles paint reacts to the paint you are using. as far as prep, you need to make sure there is no car wax on the panel you are painting (Even the oils from your hands will cause problems).again, be careful what you use to remove the wax. I usually wipe down a panel with Mineral Spirits, then wash the panel with warm, soapy water (Dish-Soap Work well).
Good Luck!
(Maybe you'll post pics of finished job?)  :D

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